The party season is upon us and if you’re still planning your office celebrations, here are a few ways of making them more inclusive to cater for a diverse workforce:


  • Focus on commonality: the festive season naturally has different significance for people based on their backgrounds, religion and beliefs. Focusing on commonality over difference and using the festive season as an opportunity for culture and morale building, as well as being grateful for the year’s achievements is a way of bringing people together and reinforcing team inclusivity.


  • Consider timing and theme: when organizing the time and date of the festivities, take into consideration your team’s individual needs – e.g. Friday nights might not work for (some) Jewish employees because they have to be home an hour before dusk for the start of their Sabbath, others may not be able to do late ones due to childcare duties.


  • Consider dietary needs: plan to allow for your team’s diverse dietary requirements (religious or personal) – as well as offering alcohol-free options for religions that forbid drinking.


  • Language: wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas” (for example in a team speech) may alienate people and can be replaced with wishing people “happy” or simply wishing everyone “happy holidays”.


  • Decorations: replacing symbolic Christmas decorations with more general seasonal decorations (such as lights and tinsel for example) can help make your workplace celebration-ready as well as inclusive.


The festive season is a great time to create and/or cement healthy workplace culture that embraces diversity and prioritises inclusivity. It is a great time to bring your diverse workforce together and a chance to celebrate and reflect on the year’s achievements.

Interested in finding out more about creating a healthy workplace culture? Read our Trust Issue here.

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