06/01/2022 Klinical Ltd

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Oil and gas exploration

Provide clarity, trust, and safety

Facing a huge and slightly daunting opportunity to build a world-leading E&C function, we chose Vault Platform to fulfill Neptune’s ethics and compliance requirements and to provide us with the framework to expand our processes as the organization scales and changes.”

– Kate Ash, Global Ethics & Compliance Officer

Neptune employee

The Challenge

Building an E&C Function from Scratch

Neptune Energy is an independent oil and gas exploration company. They operate worldwide, with a particular presence in the North Sea, North Africa, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Neptune experienced a rapid increase in headcount following an acquisition in 2018. This presented Kate Ash, Neptune’s Global Ethics and Compliance Officer, with a formidable challenge: to build a world-leading ethics and compliance function almost from scratch.

Kate Ash said: “The people we were trying to reach were often several steps down complex supply chains, and were either fearful of reprisal or simply unaware of how the reporting process worked.​​”

The Solution

Finding a Trustworthy Reporting System

Neptune needed a bulletproof misconduct reporting system that is not only trustworthy and credible but is also accessible to an extremely diverse range of stakeholders. They’d previously used a hotline system but found that it wasn’t fit for purpose. In particular, Neptune found that a hotline solution did not allow for the proper investigation of anonymous reporting.

Instead, Neptune partnered with Vault Platform to access our unrivaled suite of misconduct reporting tools.

Kate Ash said: “Vault Platform’s support for anonymous reporting is a vital value-add, providing clarity, trust, and safety throughout the organization.”

Neptune employees

The Outcome

Opening Up Reporting Channels

Kate said: Vault’s Open Reporting facility is enabling us to address specific risks within the organization, with a current focus on human rights and modern slavery. Third-party stakeholders can now make anonymous reports through a trusted and independent platform, while the leadership team has access to extremely granular data, allowing them to close the loop on reports quickly and efficiently.”

Enabling Trust

“Stakeholders at all levels can report whatever they need, safe in the knowledge that their report will receive the attention it requires.”

Kate Ash

Neptune’s Global Ethics & Compliance Officer

Vault Platform is proud to partner with Neptune in the development of their world-class ethics and compliance function.

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