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The EU Whistleblower Directive: Is your business ready?

Every employer with more than 50 employees in the European Union will soon need to comply with the European Union’s Directive for the protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law, otherwise known as the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive. 

Organisations with more than 250 employees must comply with this legislation from December 2021, and those with between 50 and 249 employees by the end of 2023.

<< Download our whitepaper on the EU Whistleblower Directive, produced in partnership with law firm Bird & Bird.


The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive comes into force in EU member states in December 2021

The incoming Directive obliges companies with more than 50 employees in the EU to introduce whistleblower reporting and resolution schemes, which must be available to all employees.

The scheme can be established in various ways, including via an online platform, such as Vault Platform, which is expected to be the most common way of implementing the requirement for a whistleblower scheme.

The aim of this joint whitepaper with Bird & Bird is to inform HR, Compliance and Legal professionals about the requirements under the upcoming Whistleblower Directive, and to outline how technology enables public and private companies to meet these key regulatory requirements in relation to the establishment of an internal reporting platform.

Topics covered in the whitepaper include:
  • An overall description of the WB Directive
  • A description of the process through which the reporting takes place and actions being taken etc.
  • How Vault Platform enables compliance with the various requirements under the WB Directive
  • How Vault Platform deals with the rights of individuals who report via the Platform

At the conclusion of this whitepaper, the reader will have a good overview of all important aspects of the Whistleblower Directive, and considerations when using a digital platform for compliance purposes, such as Vault Platform.

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