Emerging risks in a post COVID-19 world

Emerging risks in a post COVID-19 world
14/12/2020 Vault Platform
opportunity in crisis

In a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic turned into something so ubiquitous that it tested the resilience of every business. Boardrooms are forced to place external risks at the top of the agenda, and every business is now rethinking their strategy in light of the disruptions caused by the public health crisis.

But external risks go beyond the fallout of the pandemic: at the start of July 2020, the World Economic Forum shared the results of a report on the biggest risks businesses will face in the coming 18 months. The list includes not just economic risks, but also a wide spectrum of ESG risks (including societal, geopolitical, technological and environmental) which are not expressed using financial metrics – and yet have very concrete financial consequences, which highlight the critical need for businesses to step back, rethink their corporate strategies, and overhaul their risk management frameworks.

Watch the video on demand of the recent webinar to hear from the experts on what key risks are emerging in the post-covid world, what senior leaders can do to address them, and how technology helps companies to remove blind spots.

Speakers include:

  • Neta Meidav, CEO, Vault Platform
  • Maeva Charles, VP Partnerships, Datamaran
  • Gideon Drori, CEO, Fincom.co
  • Philippa Keith, Managing Director, MSP
  • Justine Zwerling, Head of Primary Markets, LSE

Watch the on-demand recording