Going beyond Compliance:
EU Whistleblowing Directive Implementation

On 17th December 2021, the European Union unveiled the Whistleblower Directive (EUWD). It ensures common minimum standards of protection are in place in all 27 member states to protect those who Speak Up about breaches of EU laws from retaliation or recrimination.

In this webinar recording, Kate Pumfrey, Counsel from Allen & Overy, and Graeme Barron at Trustpilot explore the five core elements of the EU Whistleblower Directive, how to effectively implement a whistleblowing solution and Trustpilot's experience of going beyond compliance.

Watch the webinar recording now

By watching this webinar recording, you’ll discover:

What this legislation means for organizations with 250 or more employees working in the EU

Some tips and advice on how corporate companies should be implementing the Directive into their businesses

Some of the considerations and challenges that organizations are facing in relation to the Directive


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