Expose more fraud. Resolve incidents fast.

Vault Platform helps your corporate security, compliance, or audit team throughout the entire process of exposing, investigating, resolving, and reporting on incidents.

The Resolution Hub streamlines and accelerates the conduct of investigations including reviewing and researching evidence and documents, to the creation of a professional, thorough, unbiased, and timely report.

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Why don’t employees report fraud?

Part of the problem is cultural. Ethics or fraud hotlines were first deployed as a solution in response to legislation such as 2002’s Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and were seen as a corporate compliance checkbox.

  • Employees find hotlines less than user friendly. Many people don’t know of the existence of the hotline or how to access it. Hotlines are often outsourced to third party call centers resulting in long waits to report and increased friction.
  • A 2017 study by the European Union found that less than half of all employees would not know where to report a case of corruption within their workplace, suggesting that internal reporting systems are not accessible.
  • For an employee, coming forward means being exposed and vulnerable to retaliatory harassment, demotion, or even termination.


how Vault Platform helps your company combat fraud

Application Security

Create a safe channel for employees to speak up in confidence either anonymously or in-name

Organisational Security & Practices

Misconduct investigators can continue the conversation with a whistleblower while preserving their anonymity if they so choose


Close the loop with employees, demonstrating that action has been taken and retaliation is not tolerated

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