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How the EU Whistleblowing Directive will Boost Your Business’s E&C Strategy

Join us as we demonstrate how companies can use the EU Whistleblowing Directive to effectively implement whistleblowing regulations into their business. Hila Petrank who heads up Vault Platform’s Legal and Compliance function will be speaking to Vault Platform’s CEO and Co-Founder, Neta Meidav, to discuss why ticking the box for compliance isn’t enough and understand the importance of having a speak-up culture in the modern workplace.

About the Directive

On 17th December 2021, the European Union unveiled the Whistleblowing Directive (EUWD). It ensures common minimum standards of protection are in place in all 27 member states to protect those who Speak Up about breaches of EU union law from retaliation or recrimination.

While the key objective of the Directive is to protect whistleblowers, it also helps organizations by:

  • highlighting the serious nature of fraud, corruption, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace
  • encouraging openness and accountability in government and corporate workplaces
  • allowing them to build ethical, forward-thinking brand reputations

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Join the webinar to learn:

The impact of the EU Whistleblowing Directive on your ethics and compliance policies and procedures and the considerations and challenges this presents

How data generated from misconduct reporting technology can help businesses move forward and what key insights it provides

How technology builds trust with employees and drives a Speak-Up culture with a live demo of Vault Platform


Neta Meidav

Cofounder and CEO

Vault Platform

Hila Petrank

Head of Legal and Compliance

Vault Platform