The EU Whistleblower Directive:

Your fast track to compliance

Did you know every employer with more than 250 employees in the European Union will need to comply with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive by December this year? 

Our white paper with Bird&Bird will tell you:

  • Learn how to handle confidentiality inline with the new Directive.
  • Should recently terminated employees still need access to misconduct reports?
  • How can you ensure anonymity throughout the process?

The Directive comes into force in December 2021.

Learn about this and everything else you need to know! 


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The EU Whistleblower Directive will impact every employer with workers in Europe

Get the whitepaper and learn:
    • Who needs to comply?
    • What do I need to know?
    • What breaches fall under the remit of the EU Whistleblowing Directive?
    • What could be considered retaliation under the legislation?
    • When do I need to act?
    • Next steps/preparation checklist

Employee reporting on misconduct

What’s new? Escalation and reporting channels

Under the Directive, whistleblowers can report their concerns through:

  • Internal reporting channels: facilitated by the organisation
  • External reporting channels: facilitated by the relevant national authorities or the appropriate EU institutions
  • Public reporting channels: such as going directly to the media, or a public forum such as Twitter

Optimising internal reporting

From both a risk and culture perspective, having prospective whistleblowers use an internal reporting channel is by far the most desirable approach. Not only does this minimise the risk of financial and reputational damage of an incident going public, it also strengthens trust between the employee and employer. 

Vault Platform maximizes the potential of your internal whistleblowing programme to ensure you expose and resolve misconduct internally before reporters and whistleblowers decide to use external channels.

how Vault Platform helps your company facilitate internal whistleblowing

ISO Certified

Vault Platform helps you remain compliant with regulation such as the EU Whistleblower Directive, the Whistleblower Programs Improvement Act (WPIA) and the Whistleblower Protection Reform Act of 2019 (WPRA)

Organisational Security & Practices

Encourage potential whistleblowers to raise their concerns internally, before going to an external party such as the SEC or FCA, allowing you to nip the problem in the bud and avoid hefty fines

Data & Analytics

Get to resolution 30% faster than incumbent tools, before incident reporters become frustrated. Most regulatory investigations are into incidents that an employee tried to escalate internally but abandoned after facing too much resistance

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