eToro Strengthens Speak-Up Culture by Partnering with Vault Platform

Press Release | Sep 2022

LONDON & TEL AVIV: Leading Fintech company and social investment platform eToro has partnered with Vault Platform to ensure its 2,000 employees are empowered to Speak Up and drive ethical action throughout the company.

Vault Platform and Lift our Voices Join Forces to Protect Workplace Misconduct Reporters

Press Release | May 2022

In support of eradicating forced arbitration clauses and NDAs that cover up toxic workplace issues, Vault Platform is pledging 10% of its Q2 US sales to Lift our Voices.

Google’s Gradient Ventures leads $8.2M Series A for Vault Platform’s misconduct reporting SaaS

TechCrunch | June 2021

Fixing workplace misconduct reporting is a mission that’s snagged London-based Vault Platform backing from Google’s AI focused fund, Gradient Ventures, which is the lead investor in an $8.2 million Series A that’s being announced today.

Vault Platform secures $8.2 million in Series A funding

Press Release | June 2021

Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused fund, leads the round to accelerate the modern ethics & compliance platform’s growth.

Market consolidation highlights importance of trust as a competitive advantage

Press Release | March 2021

Vault Platform continues to disrupt and shape the future of GRC, pioneering ‘TrustTech’ a new and emerging category within their space. The end to end solution is removing the barriers and stigma associated with reporting workplace misconduct.

CDC Foundation introduces app to enhance ethics and empower employees to speak up

Press Release | January 2021

The CDC Foundation is partnering with the workplace misconduct reporting solution Vault Platform as part of its ongoing commitment to create an inclusive workplace and transparent speak-up culture.

Tackling the legal and cultural challenges of workplace bullying

HR Review | January 2021

Incidents of workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination never seem to be far from the headlines. But while the three forms of misconduct are often lumped together, bullying is especially difficult to address as there is no legal definition for it in the UK.

Implementing an effective anti-bullying strategy

Diversity Q | December 2020

One week in November is set aside each year for Anti-Bullying Week, but there is a constant stream of allegations against senior executives at big named companies including McDonald’s, Away, Adidas, and Google serving as a constant reminder that bad behaviour is an everyday occurrence.

Preparing for changes to whistleblower legislation

Lexology | December 2020

On December 7, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will implement new rules to its whistleblower program with the goals of providing greater transparency to the process, and increasing both the incentives and awards whistleblowers receive. The latter point will see awards increased to the “maximum extent appropriate,” where sanctions obtained by the SEC are $5 million or less, which in this case is 30% of sanctions obtained. This rule applies to ‘all award claims still pending’ on December 7, 2020. Thus, the applicability of this rule is retroactive.

More than words

Global Recruiter | December 2020

With Covid-19 still dominating the global agenda, the clock is being turned back on issues of equality. Although the pandemic has galvanised companies to make statements of solidarity with marginalised groups, action has been less forthcoming, extending the life of a problem that has already existed for too long.

Can remote work stand the test of time

Toolbox HR | December 2020

“Many individuals take their grievances to external channels (as we have seen with the #MeToo and #BLM movements) as they feel unsupported in the remote workplace”

Vault Platform joins London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Services Marketplace

London Stock Exchange Group | August 2020

Vault Platform is proud to join the London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Services Marketplace, a curated directory of corporate services to improve business for public companies.

Vice | August 2020

Typically, only one in five women report workplace sexual harassment, fearing that they would lose their job or their claim wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Is The Employee Survey Dead? Nope. It’s Becoming Smarter By The Minute

Josh Bersin | August 2020

Vault, the leader in a new category I’d call “misconduct reporting tools,” can capture harassment, ethics, or compliance problems and immediately locate them and create confidential cases for resolution.

How to Build a Company That (Actually) Values Integrity

Harvard Business Review | July 2020

Vault Platform includes a unique feature whereby an employee who is reluctant to speak up alone can submit a report only if another employee independently submits a complaint against the same person.

Three Tech Tools To Beat Racism In The Workplace | July 2020

Many companies have signposted their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and pledged to drive out discrimination by putting diversity, inclusion, and equity at the top of their agenda. Acting on those promises is where the hard work begins. Through the reading lists, the town-halls and consultations, employers are seeking tangible, impactful actions to back their words. Employees are demanding them too. So what can be done, today?

Can workplace culture survive the legacy of COVID-19?

Real Business | July 2020

As the shift to remote working has taken hold as a result of coronavirus, employers and HR departments are exposing a widening trust gap between themselves and employees. Many are being overwhelmed with inbound concerns from staff and workplace culture is at risk of evaporating due to the removal of face-to-face interaction.

The Future of Work: Vital Lessons in Compliance & Litigation

Corporate Compliance Insights | June 2020

Scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and the Panama Papers prompted the European Council to establish better protection for those reporting corporate wrongdoing in the public interest. As a result, the European Union’s Directive for the protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law, otherwise known as the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, was established.

Vault’s Whistleblowing App Replaces Dated Systems to Report Workplace Misconduct and Financial Fraud| June 2020

A well-meaning financial institution strives to maintain a positive reputation for fair dealings and tight controls. However, it has an antiquated system for employees to report misconduct, fraud, and abuse within the organization. Occasionally, bad things happen, but the whistleblowing systems are either not used or are not effective in alerting management.

Vault Platform launches COVID-19 employee reporting feature

Press Release| March 2020

Vault Platform has added a COVID-19 reporting feature to its enterprise mobile app. This helps HR teams managing the crisis stay on top of the numbers by enabling employees to report directly via the app when showing symptoms or testing for COVID-19.

Can Apps Help Eradicate Sexual Harassment?

Forbes| March 2020

In addition to the anonymous reporting option, users of the Vault Platform app have another compelling alternative. The GoTogether feature enables employees to submit their reports under the condition that they’re not the first or only person complaining about a particular perpetrator.

10 promising European HR startups to watch in 2020

EU Startups| February 2020

Founded in 2017, in the midst of the #MeToo movement, Vault Platform joins the dots between people filing a claim to reveal previously unknown patterns of misconduct.

Effective Tools for Reporting Harassment in the Workplace in 2020

HR Technologist| January 2020

Vault Platform covers multiple tasks and processes associated with the reporting of sexual harassment and discrimination. At its core, Vault Platform is a “secure, safe, private zone” where employees can write and share confidential reports.

8 CEOs on 2020 resolutions they’re setting for their companies

Fast Company| December 2019

Neta Meidav has pledged to give her employees more opportunities to grow on the job at Vault Platform, which allows workplace misconduct to be reported securely and confidentially.

Enterprises Still Unsure What a “Speak Up” Culture Really Looks Like

Press Release| November 2019

More than two years after the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements put a global focus on workplace harassment, almost a third of enterprise employers still don’t believe they have a culture where it’s safe for their employees to speak up.

A Fall HR tech round-up

Diginomica| November 2019

One aspect of the software that I liked was the software’s ability to ‘connect the dots’ when other employees are experiencing a similar issue or different issues from the same perpetrator. If HR wants to get ahead of potential litigation or avoid the corporate and recruiting brand damage that occurs when rogue behavior becomes public, it might want to consider a more considered solution like Vault’s.

Angular Ventures Closes Maiden Fund, at $41M

FinSMEs| November 2019

Founded in May 2018 by Gil Dibner, Angular Ventures is a specialist, early-stage, enterprise/deep tech fund which invests between $250K and $1.5M, and seek to partner with companies anywhere from their “first check” to their Series A.

Why Startup Accelerators Can Be A Catalyst For Business Success

Forbes | September 2019

London-based startup Vault Platform aims to create a better way for company employees to report misconduct, such as harassment or workplace bullying. Founded in 2018 by Neta Meidav and Rotem Hayoun-Meidav, Vault Platform provides employees with a safe diary-like space to record incidents and save related evidence. It effectively replaces existing legacy ‘hotline’ and email systems that have often been deemed ineffective.

Vault Platform Recognized as a Top HR Product of 2019 by Human Resource Executive Magazine

Press Release | September 2019

Vault Platform, the next generation solution for effective workplace misconduct reporting, today announced its selection as a Top HR Product of 2019 by Human Resource Executive Magazine.

The emerging role for tech in D&I

HR Executive | September 2019

Managing diversity in the workplace is more about the human side of HR than the technology side. But that does not mean today’s HR leaders can’t lean on innovative technology-based solutions to help their organizations achieve critical diversity and inclusion objectives in a meaningful way.

Global publishing platform Minute Media ensures culture of openness with strategic addition of Vault

Press Release | August 2019

A psychological and physically safe workplace is critical, and Minute Media as an organization committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs, is leveraging ‘TrustTech’ such as Vault to prevent workplace discrimination.

Vault Platform announces global publishing platform Minute Media as new client

Announcement | August 2019

Vault Platform today announced it has been chosen by Minute Media, a global publishing platform that owns and operates five media brands, to support and sustain the organization’s culture through its next phase of expansion and beyond.

Too much loyalty does neither company nor employee much good

Financial Times (paywall)| August 2019

Neta Meidav, Vault’s co-founder, hopes that enabling employers “to join up the dots” will encourage more reporting. But can higher-ups be trusted to act on the evidence?

This 34-year-old CEO’s own experience with workplace harassment led her to raise $4.2 million to find a better way to help victims band together and speed up investigations

Business Insider | June 2019

Everything changed with the #MeToo campaign as it appeared on the TV screens and in the newspapers. We realized that there’s a deeper problem that is going on. It will affect the workplace probably forever. And I started researching, and we came up with this idea that reporting can be fixed from the inside.

TechCrunch | May 2019

Vault Platform, a London-based startup that has built software to “re-imagine” workplace misconduct reporting, has raised $4.2 million in seed funding. Leading the round is Kindred Capital, with participation from Angular Ventures, System.One, Jane VC, and ex-Mosaic Ventures Partner Mike Chalfen.

British companies invest in #MeToo apps to tackle sexual harassment

Telegraph | February 2019

Companies across the UK are desperately attempting to improve their workplace culture by investing in #MeToo apps that allow employees to discreetly report sexual harassment.

These workplace reporting apps are finding new ways to root out bad behavior

Fast Company | February 2019

Vault Platform also scans for patterns in the reporting to deliver a detailed snapshot of the company’s health and work culture so that its executives can decide on a course of action.

Meet the tech entrepreneurs tackling sexual harassment

BBC | February 2019

Users can send the reports to their company, but Vault also flags up if someone else in the same organisation has reported a similar incident or individual, giving people the impetus to report collectively.

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