On the theme of International Women’s Day 2020

On the theme of International Women’s Day 2020
02/03/2020 Vault Platform

The theme for this International Women’s Day is #EachForEqual. Individually, we’re each responsible for our thoughts and actions and how they impact others.

We collectively have the power to shape the future of women in society, and in the workplace. But this starts with having more open conversations about people’s real experiences of inequality and discrimination at work and bridging the trust gap that exists between people and their workplaces.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day we independently surveyed women about their real experiences of discrimination and inequality at work – we will be sharing some of these experiences this week.

We wanted real people to show that, whilst workplaces are doing more to tackle inequality and to make workplace cultures more inclusive, we still have a way to go. By supporting more transparent and open conversations in the workplace, and providing adequate reporting and resolution mechanisms, we can collectively protect employees and create healthier workplaces for everyone going forward.