Expose bribery and corruption. Resolve incidents fast.

Catching corporate misconduct early helps companies avoid bad publicity and costly fines. By making it safe and easy for employees and partners to report concerns, would-be whistleblowers are more likely to report an incident internally before going to the authorities or the media.

Vault Platform features an enterprise-grade Resolution Hub that helps investigation teams spot patterns of misconduct early.

Open Reporting extends the incident reporting capabilities of Vault Platform to your entire business ecosystem including suppliers, customers, even members of the public.

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Risk of corruption increased in 2020

Business priorities have shifted, and emergency procurement measures have been made. In some cases, due diligence has been compromised.

  • The increased economic pressure from the pandemic also means people are vulnerable to making wrong or risky decisions.
  • Corruption allegations could see a business not just hit with severe sanctions but by significant reputational damage, yet exposing corruption is difficult.
  • Part of the problem is cultural. Employees find ethics hotlines less than user-friendly, often outsourced to third-party call centers resulting in long waits and increased friction.

We changed all that with a fresh, tech-focused approach. Say ‘goodbye’ to hotlines and ‘hello’ to Vault Platform.


how Vault Platform helps your company beat bribery & corruption


Remove disincentives and friction to reporting incidents by demonstrating consequences for the perpetrators and protection for those who report

Organisational Security & Practices

The Vault App is highly accessible and always available, engaging the 50% of workers who do not know where to raise their concerns. Open Reporting extends the capabilities of Vault to your entire ecosystem, including partners, suppliers, customers, and the public

ISO Certified

Vault Platform helps businesses create a robust internal reporting process that demonstrates corruption will not be tolerated. A safe and secure space to speak up anonymously or in-name exposes more incidents than ever before

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