Protect your business against ESG risks

In recent years the tide of social consciousness for business has shown signs of shifting in a more socially beneficial direction, signaled by the popularisation of acronyms such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), and D&I (Diversity & Inclusion).

Meanwhile, modern economists have written much about the replacement of Milton Friedman’s shareholder benefitting approach with a multi-stakeholder benefitting approach that seeks to recognize a corporation’s responsibilities to employees, customers, communities, and the planet as well.

Businesses can no longer focus narrowly on short-term profits but instead must pursue strategies that deliver performance across traditionally non-financial dimensions. The argument now is that ultimately, all risk is financial risk.

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Effective misconduct reporting and resolution is critical to integrity

  • Within the Ethics & Compliance field, it’s increasingly clear that the function plays a key role in helping organizations navigate the waters of bias, diversity, and equity as well as growing concerns such as ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance).
  • A true measure of a company’s integrity can be taken from an exercise in observation – where bullying or harassment flourish, you will likely find neglected safety protocols, careless use of protected data, environmentally damaging behavior and incidents of white-collar crime.
  • Institutional investors such as BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, are pressuring companies they invest in to disclose their long-term environmental risks. Nasdaq is trying to make board diversity a listing requirement.

how Vault Platform helps your company manage ethics and integrity


Vault Platform reveals previously invisible misconduct and risks by encouraging employees to speak up internally


Set the groundwork for a robust and ethical workplace environment that shows misconduct will not be tolerated


Understand your ever-expanding risk profile by demonstrating that those who speak up will be heard and supported

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