HR tools to maintain a healthy culture for remote workers

HR tools to maintain a healthy culture for remote workers
20/10/2020 Vault Platform
Going back to work ethically

Whether you have a workforce that is required to be on-site, or will continue to have large numbers of employees working from home, the big question is how do you take your strategy forward legally and ethically?

In this conversation with Emily Hawkins, Group People Director at global advertising giant M&C Saatchi, we will explore this question with insights from an HR leader who has recently embarked upon this journey and look at the tools used to maintain a good work culture in this real-world environment.

Tori and Emily will discuss:

  • How to prevent bias creeping in and putting certain groups at increased risk
  • How to ensure you don’t lose any ground on the hard work already done to boost culture due to cutbacks
  • Managing increased anxiety and mental health stress among your workers
  • Ensuring the creation of a safe working environment that inspires confidence whether on-site or at home, including support in situations such as domestic abuse

Tori Reichman

VP Customer Success

Vault Platform

Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins

Group People Director

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