Expose and resolve discrimination in your business

The challenge of discrimination has been on the HR, Compliance, and Legal agenda for some time. The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by a rise in discrimination and the systemic racism exposed through the Black Lives Matter movement has once again highlighted the huge problem of inequality for Black people and People of Color.

Vault Platform facilitates a multi-stakeholder approach and ensures that anti-discrimination investments are maximized. With a modern and highly accessible intake method, Vault Platform exposes more violations of discrimination policy than incumbent solutions and streamlines the investigation and resolution process.

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The speak up solution to fight systemic discrimination

Discrimination is very much a workplace issue and has been identified as an area where companies are looking to move the needle faster.

An online survey of 1,000 HR, Legal, and Compliance professionals working within enterprises in the US and UK found that 65% said discrimination is a form of misconduct they feel their organization should address proactively.

Vault Platform encourages your employees to speak up in confidence internally and gives you the tools to resolve incidents fast.

how Vault Platform helps your company expose and resolve discrimination


Address both conscious and unconscious bias in your workforce

ISO Certified

Create a safe and confidential space for employees to speak up


Expose systemic discrimination and identify patterns of harm

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