Expose and prevent bullying in your workplace

It can be challenging for employees to speak up and report incidents of bullying they experience or witness. Vault Platform provides a safe space for employees to report issues either anonymously, in-name, or through the power of strength in numbers (GoTogether) if they don’t want to go it alone.

To develop a culture that does not tolerate workplace bullying, Vault Platform hosts links to policy and training materials directly within the App, helping publicize bullying and harassment policies and training.

Vault Platform gives case managers and stakeholders real-time visibility of incident reports and progress.

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Bullying remains the most common form of workplace misconduct

  • Bullying is the most prevalent form of workplace misconduct, experienced or witnessed by 70% of employees at some point during their career.
  • Cyberbullying claims have “increased substantially” since the onset of COVID-19. With more employees working from home and using online platforms than ever before, the blur between home and work life has seen many abandon office etiquettes.
  • The implications for any business are significant. Not just in terms of court cases and legal fees but also brand and reputation, talent retention and acquisition, and the performance of your employees. Toxic work environments are not good for promoting productivity. If bad behavior is not addressed it becomes ‘acceptable’ or at least tolerated, encouraging others to behave in the same way.

Vault Platform is the most advanced speak up solution for addressing workplace bullying.

how Vault Platform helps your company address workplace bullying

ISO Certified

Gives employees a safe and confidential place to speak up about their concerns

Resolution Hub

Route reports to the most relevant stakeholder so as to avoid conflicts of interest

Organisational Security & Practices

Ensure two-way communication between the employee and Case Manager even if the employee chooses to remain anonymous

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