Keep your company
above board

  • Could you be better prepared to prevent a potential public embarrassment?
  • Do you want your employees to feel they cared for and safe in your company?
  • Would an increase in staff retention and productivity be beneficial to your business?

Safeguard, support and strengthen

Vault is your employees’ ally which means they’ll feel more confident to raise misconduct incidents internally and report it to you. Once they come forward and report it to HR, the problem can be dealt with before it has a chance to spread into a wildfire. Your people and your company can be safer.

Vault’s friendly, supportive and confidential system will help employees realise how much you genuinely care about their welfare.

A personal Vault

It is crucial for everybody in your organization to feel comfortable enough to speak out about incidents but keep the discussion within the company.

Vault addresses this as a secure, safe, private zone which empowers your employees to create reports, submit evidence and build a credible timeline. This reduces the risk of unnecessary escalation and destructive publicity.

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Report and resolve

Vault gathers and structures data in a way which not only speeds up the resolution process but highlights patterns.

By spotting trends and broken parts of your company’s culture, you will be able to take well-informed action and steer your organization to become a more ethical and safe place to work.

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Insight and action

Vault delivers a detailed snapshot into your company’s health and work culture. The platform helps you to navigate towards an increase in trust, diversity and inclusivity.

By taking action and making positive changes, your employees will be more motivated, productive and confident in your leadership.

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