Vault helps your organization
remain compliant

  • Compliance is now a board-level agenda item for 70% of organizations
  • The Employee Equal Opportunities Commission (EEOC) deals with an average of 76 harassment charges filed daily
  • Do your employees know how to deal with unwelcome or unethical behavior?

Help your employees report misconduct easily

When it comes to compliance employees should have a clear understanding of what to do if they experience or witness unwelcome or unethical behavior and the mechanisms they can use to report it.

Companies with anti-corruption or misconduct programs and strong ethical guidelines are found to suffer up to 50% fewer incidents than those without such programs.

A personal Vault

It is crucial for your people to feel comfortable enough to create records of misconduct incidents, store evidence and build a timeline.

Vault addresses this as a secure, safe, private platform which makes the user truly feel like it is their private domain until they’re ready to share it with you and/or the designated case manager.

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Report and resolve

Vault’s innovative case management system gathers and structures data coherently so you can quickly read, understand and manage the situation.

Additionally, the permanent time-stamping technology vastly improves credibility of reports so you can instantly view an accurate timeline of events and make decisions.

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Insight and action

Through analytics and reports, Vault presents a portrait of your work culture, enabling you to take a well-informed course of action.

The platform helps you navigate towards an increase in trust, diversity and inclusivity which means in the long run, Vault will reduce your workload allowing you to focus on taking care of your people.

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