Solution: Whistleblowing

What is Whistleblowing?


When someone discloses information concerning wrongdoing in the workplace, including unlawful activities, they are blowing the whistle on those activities. They may choose to report internally within their organization or to an external body such as a regulator or the Ombudsman. Whistleblowers, therefore, play a key role in exposing and preventing breaches and in safeguarding the welfare of society.

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Vault Platform: Whistleblower Reporting Software

With a multigenerational workforce that largely favors digital communications, hotlines are increasingly seen as outdated and falling short of employee expectations.

The most effective way to open a two-way dialog with a prospective whistleblower, anonymously or named, is through technology such as the Vault mobile app.

Vault Platform also advocates for highly accessible technology that can blind-connect multiple parties reporting the same or similar incidents and help identify problems before employees feel compelled to take their reports to an external body.  

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ISO Certified

Vault Platform helps you remain compliant and effective when dealing with whistleblowing incidents

Organisational Security & Practices

Encourage potential whistleblowers to raise their concerns internally, before going to an external party

Data & Analytics

Get to resolution fast, before incident reporters become frustrated with the process

Why Invest in a Whistleblowing Reporting Platform?

Here are a few key reasons you should invest in a whistleblowing reporting solution:

Build Employee Trust

In our ‘Trust Gap‘ report, we found that 84% of office workers believe that internal whistleblowing is vital to ensuring that people are protected from the negative impacts of workplace misconduct.

Minimize Risks

When it comes to encouraging and capturing reports of ethical misconduct or compliance breaches, having prospective whistleblowers first use an internal reporting channel is the most desirable approach. This minimizes the financial and reputational risks of an incident going public and strengthens trust between the employee and employer by encouraging more people to safety Speak Up. 

Comply with the EU Directive

From December 2021, every employer with more than 50 employees in the European Union will need to comply with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, including US companies with operations in the EU.

Reveal and resolve
misconduct in your workplace

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A trust platform with
security at the core

Vault Platform’s core application is to facilitate trust between companies and their people and to help to create working environments that are inclusive, diverse, productive and safe. This is why we consider security and data privacy to be critical components of our platform and why both are at the foundation of everything we do.

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Vault Platform is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant

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Data encryption in transit and at rest: TLS and AES-256 technology protects your information

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Servers located in the EU and UK, in AWS data centres that are ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified