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    5 ways HR can boost workplace inclusion and equality

    5 ways HR can boost workplace inclusion and equality

    - by Vault Platform

    With so much focus on inclusion, diversity, and equality at work, how can HR really make a difference in the ‘new normal’?
    Join us and hear from our experts about how COVID-19 has impacted the equality agenda and what HR can do about it; what it means for your business to have a diverse and inclusive workforce; and how to create an effective speak up culture where employees feel confident being themselves

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    The Discrimination Issue

    Tackling Inequality and Discrimination

    - by Neta Meidav

    The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in a manner never seen before. Social lockdown, mass business closure, widespread unemployment, and for many of those still in jobs a shift to working remotely. Now, as large swathes of the global workforce move to a working from home model, employers are faced with a new challenge – that the vector for workplace discrimination will shift in parallel with the main mode of communication.

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    end systemic racism

    The equality agenda is being set back. What can HR do about it?

    - by Neta Meidav

    As the dual impact of COVID-19 and systemic discrimination continues to be felt by businesses worldwide, concerns are growing that the equity and equality agenda has been set back by years.