We’re a team with a vision.

We’re a small but growing team. A work-hard-play-hard bunch of people. A mixture of experienced heads and young shoulders. We have different backgrounds and different skills but we all share one simple vision.

We’re all passionate about workplace culture. We all believe the time has come to #SpeakUp against misconduct in all its forms and we’re all committed to building a platform that protects the human and the organization by establishing a culture of trust and accountability.

Founded in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Vault’s mission is to give employers and employees a platform to record, report, and resolve misconduct quickly and efficiently.

If you think this sounds like something you are also passionate about, come work with us! You can see our open positions here.

Our Team

Neta Meidav

Co-Founder & CEO

Freddie Beesley

VP Product

Rotem Hayoun-Meidav

Co-Founder & CTO

Karl Spalding Wall

Lead Developer

Ali Azam

Senior Developer

Simon Dobson

Front End Engineer

Tori Reichman

VP Customer Success

Sonia Valcarcel

Product Designer

James Middleton

Global Marketing Lead

Philippa Myall-Chance

Senior Account Executive

Alicia Norton

Content Marketing Specialist

We’re in good company.
Our advisors

World-renowned HR Thought Leader, established Bersin by Deloitte

Josh Bersin

Brand Strategist and hiBob co-founder.

Andy Bellass

Harvard Business School workplace culture and trust expert

Professor Frances Frei

Established the HR Global Consulting Practice at PwC.

Michael Rendell