Track and resolve workplace safety incidents

All organizations are legally bound by a duty of care to ensure employees are physically and psychologically safe in their working environment. In the grip of the pandemic, this also means tracking infection outbreaks.

To help employers facilitate the quick and easy reporting of potential COVID-19 infections Vault Platform has added a specific reporting feature to its enterprise mobile app. This helps the teams managing the OSHA or HSE requirements, for example, stay on top of the numbers by enabling employees to report directly via the app when showing symptoms or testing for COVID-19.

Due to the delicate nature of the health & safety investigation process, Vault Platform helps businesses establish a trusted line of communication with employees, allowing people to use the direct messaging feature to raise initial concerns anonymously.

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Tracking Coronavirus infections is an urgent requirement

  • In recognition of the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has increased its demands for recording coronavirus-related illness. All employers with more than 10 employees must record work-related employee COVID-19 illnesses.
  • In the UK, instances of COVID-19 infections are reportable under the RIDDOR regulations if the disease resulted from occupational exposure.
  • All employers worldwide must regularly review their risk assessment and make the duty of care to their employees a top priority. New regulations are putting more pressure on companies regarding internal incident reporting and resolution.

how Vault Platform helps your company track safety incidents and infection outbreaks

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Enable a trusted channel for employees to report their concerns about safety or wellbeing


Enable your stakeholder teams to act quickly to achieve resolution


Capture information about infection outbreaks on the ground

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