Whistleblowers are getting more protection. What does this mean for you?

Growing protection for external whistleblowers under legislation such as the Whistleblower Programs Improvement Act and Sarbarnes Oxley means you are at greater risk from unreported ethical breaches if whistleblowers are discouraged from coming forward internally.

As the least popular reporting channel, even hotline providers say “hotline reporting channels aren’t enough.”

Ensure compliance. Protect your people. Protect your company.

Over 80% of employees do not know where to report ethics breaches or corruption.

The Vault App is always with employees and available when they need it, on their own device.

Whistleblowers are protected if they use external channels, encouraging them to bypass ineffective internal mechanisms.

Vault’s Resolution Hub helps employers close the loop with internal reporters. Employees are almost 20% more likely to speak up if they see their colleagues have been listened to.

Used by only 11% of reporters, hotlines are ineffective and inefficient

Vault Platform protects organisations from the unknown risk posed by potential whistleblowers by encouraging them to come forward internally. Alleviate concerns by showing action is being taken and that their identity is safe. 

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When it comes to compliance and ethics, what you don’t know can hurt you.

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