Why culture is mission critical to compliance

Why culture is mission critical to compliance
11/12/2020 Vault Platform
Culture work

Join global compliance expert Thomas Fox and the London Stock Exchange’s Chief Risk Officer, Maxine Gee, to discuss the growing joint responsibility between Compliance, Legal, and HR for an ethical company culture.

The discussion will cover the following areas:

  • The difference between ‘conduct’ and ‘culture’
  • The changing nature of ethics
  • The increasingly interconnected relationship between Compliance, HR, and Legal around ethics and culture
  • How the increased rate of digitization in 2020 has changed how we must approach compliance
  • How working from home has changed employee interactions with reporting and the regulator
  • Why companies are now driven by a multi-stakeholder approach versus a shareholder approach and what this means for the end of ‘canned compliance’

Speakers include:

  • Neta Meidav, CEO, Vault Platform
  • Thomas Fox, The Voice of Compliance podcast host & commentator
  • Maxine Gee, Chief Risk Officer – UK Capital Markets and London Stock Exchange
Maxine Gee

Maxine Gee

Chief Risk Officer

London Stock Exchange

Neta Meidav, Vault CEO

Neta Meidav


Vault Platform

Tom Fox

Tom Fox

Compliance Expert

The Compliance Podcast Network

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