Your ethics hotline is failing you.

Vault Platform engages employees with a mobile app that gives internal reporters a safe space to report any form of workplace misconduct or ethical breach.

The enterprise-grade Resolution Hub enables stakeholders to take meaningful action to reach a resolution quickly and without involving external parties.

Only 11% of employees that report ethics breaches or misconduct use a hotline.

The Vault App meets employees where they feel comfortable and safe – on their mobile device.

For the most part, employees tend to speak to a manager. But the percentage of those that do so is still only 21%. Many reports go no further because the escalation process fails.

Vault’s Resolution Hub securely routes reports to the most relevant stakeholder, avoiding conflicts of interest, the involvement of third parties, and information leakage.

Companies that use hotlines still experience misconduct. In fact, over 75% of incidents will not be reported at all.

Ethics breaches, misconduct, and retaliation are still rife at companies that use a hotline, supporting the concern that they are outdated and ineffective. Vault Platform helps implement an active strategy, addressing employee concerns by informing them that action is being taken and encouraging them to come forward internally. 

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As the least popular reporting channel, even hotline providers say “hotline reporting channels aren’t enough.”

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