Your safe space in uncertain times

Right now, you probably have questions for you employer that are difficult to ask

If your company uses Vault Platform you have a way to ask questions or raise concerns to your employer in confidence.

The Vault app is not just for safely reporting discrimination, harassment, or bullying, it’s there for people who have questions about furlough, layoffs, and their personal safety during these COVID-19 times.

You can create a direct connection with the most relevant person to help you and ask questions anonymously or in-name. If you have a concern to raise and you don’t want to do it alone, you can also submit a report with the support of your colleagues.

How do I know if my company uses Vault Platform?

Either check your email and see if you ever received an invitation to Vault, or simply download the Vault Platform app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, open it and click ‘Request an activation code’.

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You can read more about the Vault App in our FAQ, here.

What if my employer doesn’t use Vault Platform? It sounds like they really should!

We’d be happy to reach out to your HR or Ethics stakeholders in your business and see what we can do!

You can send us some information (anonymously or otherwise) by filling out a form, here.

Stay safe out there!

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