The Trust Gap:
Expectation vs Reality in Workplace Misconduct

The outcomes of the landmark research will serve boards, leadership teams, compliance, risk and HR professionals globally and will pave the way for better understanding of workplace misconduct experiences and support in building Speak Up programmes

of employees have either personally experienced or witnessed some form of workplace misconduct during their working lives….

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Expectation vs Reality

Workplace misconduct is a difficult conversation for employers and employees alike. The taboo around the topic has made an already huge problem in the UK and USA much bigger, nurturing a Speak Up culture within organisations is important now more than ever before.

Vault platform has commissioned an independent survey with 2,000 employees in both the UK and the USA, gathering insight into their experiences of misconduct at work, the expectations they have of employers to keep them safe and whether they truly trust them to do so.

Armed with this data, Vault also reached out to decision makers with responsibility for HR and Compliance at businesses in the UK and the USA. Using the information gathered, alongside publicly available government and industry data, it is possible to predict the broader impact on the economy in both nations…

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