Vault misconduct reporting platform

For employees.

For organizations.

Vault is the next generation of misconduct reporting. We replace old-fashioned protocol with a smart, effective solution.

Using our platform to manage and mitigate any form of misconduct, you can rest assured you are ahead of the curve and remain on the right side of the revolution.

A complete solution to record, report and resolve misconduct at work.

Vault empowers employees to feel confident to report misconduct and employers to take meaningful actions to reach a resolution.

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Employee empowerment

Until it happens to you, reporting can seem straightforward – but we know it isn’t. Vault empowers you to safely and privately report incidents and create a credible timeline of events using our time-stamping technology.

In addition, you can feel confident that you’re not alone thanks to our GoTogether™ feature which allows you to submit your report knowing that you are not the first or only one affected.

Helping HR and their people

Vault reinforces trust in HR by enabling a new line of communication from your people to you, in a smart, digitally-optimized way. Have all the memos and evidence in one place, see the full picture and repeating patterns and manage cases through our efficient and flexible system.

We know how difficult it can be to collect evidence and trace an accurate, credible timeline. Vault simplifies this process with unalterable time-stamps so you can quickly get to the bottom of what happened and when.

Securing reputation and reducing risk

Vault helps you manage the biggest corporate challenge of our time, substantially reducing your risk of misconduct in the workplace. With your reputation on the line and increasing scrutiny on work culture, it is now more important than ever to ensure your business is diverse, inclusive and risk-free.

Vault uses practical reports and helpful analytics to show accurate insights into your company’s culture, health and resilience so you can turn words into action.