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Fraud is the deliberate use of deception, false suggestion, misrepresentation, suppression of truth, or other unethical means for personal or institutional gain. According to the Financial Cost of Fraud 2021 report, the global cost of fraud and money laundering has topped £4.37 trillion and remains one of the biggest organizational challenges.


Vault Platform helps your ethics and compliance or audit team through the entire process of exposing, investigating, and resolving incidents of fraud in the workplace.

  • Employees can choose to report issues either anonymously, in name, or through the power of our strength-in-numbers approach.

  • The Resolution Hub streamlines the investigations process by allowing E&C teams to review evidence and documents within the app and create professional, thorough, unbiased, and timely reports.

  • They can then close the loop with employees, demonstrating that action has been taken.

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