Root out workplace misconduct for the good of your business and the world

Activate everyone in your business ecosystem – including employees, customers, shareholders, and suppliers – to uncover, resolve, and prevent misconduct with Vault’s Active Integrity platform.

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The Active Integrity platform

News travels fast and bad news travels faster. With the price of misconduct now higher than ever, checking the compliance box just doesn’t cut it anymore. Introducing Active Integrity, a proactive approach to ensure your organization stays ethical and compliant from the ground up and at all times.

Cultivate a Speak-Up culture by enabling your employees to report misconduct from the privacy of our secure mobile app and Open Reporting solution, either as an anonymous individual or in the safety of numbers with GoTogether®.

Solve and resolve – preventing things going from bad to worse. Create clear lines of communication with the reporter. Investigate and quickly manage cases through to resolution, with cross-department collaboration. All in one place.

Get an honest view of your Integrity. See warning signs from a distance and identify patterns before they become scandals. With analytics that span across teams, departments and even continents, you get a detailed and accurate view of the ethical health of your company. And then act on it.

How the Active Integrity Platform works

Active Integrity works like an agile feedback loop; as you uncover and resolve new cases of workplace misconduct, you build actionable insights that enable your organization to prevent further wrongdoing. Automatically-generated reports help you keep auditors up to date and prevention insights help you address hotspots and prevent further wrongdoing.

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Corporate integrity is everyone’s business.

Grow your organization with integrity.