About Us

Vault Platform is pioneering “TrustTech,” a new category of ethics-enabling workplace technology solving a major problem for enterprise compliance, risk, and HR.

We’re all passionate
about workplace culture

We all believe the time has come to #SpeakUp against misconduct in all its forms and we’re all committed to building a platform that protects the human and the organization by establishing a culture of trust and accountability.

If you think this sounds like something you are also passionate about, come work with us! You can see our open positions here.

Vault Platform’s mission is to protect businesses and their people from hidden risk with a better way of revealing and resolving workplace misconduct.

Trust between employer and employee is being tested like never before. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the spotlight on corporate misconduct shone on bribery, corruption, and unethical business practices.

But as new scandals have dominated the headlines, the focus has shifted to sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination. A global rise in social activism, driven by movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, means doing the bare minimum required to comply with the law is no longer enough, and companies are pushed by employees, governments, and customers to adopt a multi-stakeholder approach that serves social purposes as well as investor demands.

Yet for leaders to get the unvarnished truth about the ethical health of their culture, there are still barriers and stigma associated with reporting negative behaviors. Fundamental design flaws in legacy reporting tools such as hotlines, email boxes, and open-door policies discourage people from speaking up, even when the organizations’ intentions are good.

So rather than merely digitizing old solutions, Vault Platform developed a powerful tool that empowers employees while giving enterprises full visibility of misconduct and the ability to resolve it before the situation escalates.

For Legal and Compliance professionals, Vault Platform is a sophisticated intake and case management tool designed for resolutions. Aggregated case data delivers insights that can be an indicator of the ethical health of an organization and an insight into its culture.

For HR professionals, Vault Platform increases accessibility and normalizes reporting, solving the problem of gathering evidence and reducing the time of an investigation significantly, proving a real-world return on investment.

Over 68% of enterprise Compliance and HR leaders believe that enabling a culture of speaking up is the most effective way of tackling misconduct in the workplace. But less than a third of companies believe they have the culture they need today. We’re helping tip that balance by evolving misconduct reporting and resolution from outdated to outstanding. Join us.