About us.

Vault Platform is pioneering “TrustTech,” a new category of workplace technology solving a major problem for enterprise compliance, risk, and HR. Designed to enable a culture where it is safe to speak up, the Vault app creates a confidential space for employees to submit records of misconduct they experience or witness.

With an enterprise-grade case management hub and insights dashboard, Vault Platform is key to driving out harmful workplace behaviors from discrimination and harassment through fraud and corruption. This mitigates significant financial, reputational, and resource risks for any organization.

We’re all passionate about workplace culture. We all believe the time has come to #SpeakUp against misconduct in all its forms and we’re all committed to building a platform that protects the human and the organization by establishing a culture of trust and accountability.

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Our Founders

Neta Meidav

Co-Founder & CEO

Rotem Hayoun-Meidav

Co-Founder & CTO

Founded in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Vault Platform’s mission is to give employers and employees a platform to report and resolve misconduct quickly and efficiently.

Like many women, Neta Meidav has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace first hand. But it wasn’t until 2018 when women around the world publicly broke their own silence that Neta was motivated to quit her role as a government advisor and spearhead the creation of Vault Platform with Rotem Hayoun-Meidav.

Less than 12 months after its inception, Neta and her small team had raised a $4.2 million Seed round to create the Vault application and immediately won contracts from big-name clients confirming an appetite for the product. Backed by some of the most respected advisors in the HR space, Vault Platform began to grow its team, scaling and expanding its presence in North America and Europe.

The solution is a simple proposition for a complex problem. Through our own research and the revelations of #MeToo it was clear that not only are workplace misconduct reporting tools woefully inadequate but organizational culture is challenged. The most common reason people cite for not raising concerns is that they do not believe appropriate action will be taken. The second biggest concern is that they fear repercussions that might have an impact on their job.

Furthermore, organizational psychologists believe that fundamental design flaws in legacy reporting tools such as hotlines discourage people from speaking up, even when the organizations’ intentions are good. The traditional ‘anonymous hotline’ is a low-cost outsourced tick box solution that is impersonal, alienating, and even degrading. It sends the message to employees that public challenges are unwelcome.

So rather than merely digitizing old solutions, Neta and her team developed a powerful tool that empowers employees and rebuilds trust between the employee and employer. With Vault, employers gain an end-to-end platform, consisting of an employee app, corporate case management hub, and data and analytics. The app gives employees a secure and confidential space to report their evidence. If they are reluctant to speak up alone their report can be held back until another report is filed against the same perpetrator, playing to the ‘strength in numbers’ phenomenon that was so powerful with #MeToo.

For HR professionals, Vault solves the problem of gathering evidence and reduces the time of an investigation from months to hours, proving a real-world return on investment. For Legal and Compliance professionals, aggregated case data delivers insights across the business that can be an indicator of the ethical health of an organization and an insight into its culture.

We’re in good company.
Our advisors

World-renowned HR Thought Leader, established Bersin by Deloitte

Josh Bersin

Brand Strategist and hiBob co-founder.

Andy Bellass

Harvard Business School workplace culture and trust expert

Professor Frances Frei

Established the HR Global Consulting Practice at PwC.

Michael Rendell