Dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace

Toxic work environments negatively affect productivity and put businesses at risk. If behaviors such as bullying and harassment aren’t addressed, they can become part of the culture. The greatest challenge is encouraging employees to report incidents so organizations can get an accurate picture of the problem and then resolve it.


When it comes to exposing and resolving bullying and harassment, well-meaning initiatives to encourage openness and transparency can still fall short for fear of consequences and retaliation such as embarrassment, isolation, low-performance ratings, lost promotions, and even loss of work, or a sense of futility; the belief that saying something won’t make a difference.

Vault Platform addresses these challenges with a modern and highly accessible solution that encourages employees to Speak Up in confidence.

  • Vault Platform is designed to provide a safe space for employees to report issues either anonymously, in name, or through the power of strength in numbers.

  • The Resolution Hub helps investigators efficiently document and respond to incidents of bullying and harassment, closing the loop with employees, and getting to resolution as quickly as possible.

  • Our solution enables action and accountability by giving case managers and stakeholders real-time visibility of incident reports and progress.

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