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Deal with ESG violations the right way

ESG can be defined as three non-financial dimensions: an organization’s impact on the environment, social institutions and human relationships, and the way the organization governs itself and makes decisions. 

Your internal reporting culture needs to encourage employees to Speak Up when they witness or experience ESG violations and the company needs to investigate and mitigate risks.


Organizations can use misconduct reports to identify their true environmental impact, hold themselves accountable for social issues such as harassment, racism, and discrimination, and ensure that integrity is core to the organization’s self-governance. But in order to do so, they need to have a Speak-Up culture and make their employees aware of their ESG targets and obligations.

  • Vault hosts links to your policies directly within the app.

  • Vault facilitates greater accountability, traceability, and transparency, giving stakeholders a clear and concise picture of a business.

  • Capture data in order to connect the dots, identify patterns and prevent ESG violations from becoming bigger.

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