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What is Active Integrity?

News travels fast and bad news travels faster. With the price of misconduct now higher than ever, checking the compliance box just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Future success depends on taking a different approach. One that puts organizations’ values at the heart of their business strategy. One that goes beyond compliance and instead aligns every process, decision, and person as a force for good. One that means organizations focus on building the action and accountability that leads to long-term changes not just in how they operate, but in the world around them.

We call this shift Active Integrity.

What Active Integrity entails

Identify misconduct

By making use of an internal reporting channel that gathers data and builds reports, organizations can identify patterns.

blind spots

While many organizations make great strides to be ethical, a truly active strategy takes into consideration misconduct blind spots.

Drive effective

Once a report comes in, it’s vital that organizations enact an effective investigation all the way to resolution.

Speak Up

Employees must be willing and able to raise concerns without fear of retaliation, confident that their organization has their best interests at heart.

Understand your
Ethical Health

Organizations must analyze misconduct data, gain a picture of their ethical health, and take proactive steps to combat risk areas.

Vault is the Active Integrity platform

It’s the control center for corporate integrity. Take a proactive approach to ensure your business stays ethical and compliant from the ground up at all times. Because today, businesses must be active in their pursuit of flawless integrity. Explore our products now.

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