Gustavo up close

Gustavo Lucena leads the Risk, Compliance and Governance function at OLX where he serves on the Compliance, Audit, and ESG committees. OLX Brasil helps 60 million Brazilians every month to adopt a more sustainable, conscious, and digital form of consumption, buying and selling new and used items, including cars, and real estate in a simple way. The brand encourages a culture of conscious consumption.

Driven by a personal manifesto to lead with positive psychology and happiness, Gustavo shapes the culture of OLX through anti-corruption partnerships and renewed investments in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Having worked in risk analysis, risk management, compliance, internal controls, internal audits, investigations, and more, Gustavo is always keen to find new ways of reinventing ethics and compliance functions. His current focus is on leveling up OLX’s Speak Up program for 2023.

When asked about the challenges facing ethics and compliance professionals, Gustavo said: “With advances in technology, the associated risks have become increasingly complex and concerns are no longer solely data-centric. For example, despite its adaptive predictive power and autonomous learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not work in the same way as human intelligence. Without proper safeguards, an AI system can introduce cognitive risks that could have legal implications for an organization. To guard against these risks, organizations need to make informed and cautious decisions about the design, development, implementation, and use of a wide variety of emerging technologies.“