Analyze and visualize data like never before so you can foster a culture of Active Integrity



At Vault Platform, we believe that every business has the power to create inclusive, diverse, productive and safe working environments through data-driven decisions. However, without standardized and easily analyzable data, these decisions become challenging.

That’s why we have introduced Integrity Intelligence, a new offering designed to help you analyze and visualize your data like never before. Integrity Intelligence allows you to upgrade your static data dashboard, transforming it into a dynamic hub of interactive graphs, insightful visuals, and shareable custom reports. With the ability to slice and dice your data across multiple dimensions, this powerful add-on will enable you to optimize your budget, your integrity action plans, and your whistleblowing processes across your entire organization.

So, what’s in the box?


Get a real-time understanding of your organization’s Ethical Health

Open the Ethical Health data view to see metrics across location, department, category and timeframe. Dive deep into any of these to get a detailed view. 

Analyze the impact of your ethics programs

By examining your data within custom timeframes, you can track the influence of your campaigns, as well as internal and external events on your misconduct health. Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to make data-driven adjustments to your strategies, ensuring your organization remains on track and aligned with its objectives. 

Create custom reports

Whether you want to analyze case types, departments, locations, cases over time, intake channels, time to resolution, or substantiation status, Integrity Intelligence empowers you to generate comprehensive reports tailored to your specific requirements. This feature facilitates seamless collaboration and integration with other business insights. 

Compare intake channels

Understanding preferred intake channels across different dimensions allows you to gain insights into employee behavior and improve awareness in your efforts to foster a culture of integrity. 

Track key metrics to improve resolution time 

Using the Ethics Operations data view you can check resolution time and case substantiation status, allowing you to improve workflows and enhance the integrity of your organization.

Integrity Intelligence is available now for all Vault Platform customers to add to their subscription.


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