2023 is upon us and we’re kickstarting our product releases this new year by delivering key milestones in Vault’s product roadmap. This release stems from insights gained working directly with our customers to update the Resolution Hub. We want to support and impact your processes to help you bring your ethics and speak-up programs to life.

Introducing New Cases & Improved Documentation

To better support investigation in Vault Platform’s Resolution Hub, instead of Reports, you’ll now see Cases. Inside each Case, you’ll find Reports, case documentation inside Workspace, better categorization for Cases and Reports, and improved audit logs. These enhancements mean the Resolution Hub will look different while keeping all the Report features you know and love.

Stay Organized With Case Workspace

Organize and centralize all case-relevant documentation inside Vault to support each step of your investigation workflow. Workspace allows you to securely manage all of your case documents within the Resolution Hub – you can choose to create a new document inside Vault or upload a document or file created elsewhere.

Set Categories at Case And Report Level

Our second update provides you with additional control over the structure of an investigation within Vault. You can now choose to set a category both at the Case and Report levels to help track nuances between a reporter’s self-identified categorization and ongoing recategorization as an investigation unfolds.

Innovation is a key part of who we are at Vault, and now that we’ve released these foundational updates, we can’t wait for the coming updates of our 2023 roadmap.