For this month’s spotlight we spoke to Poppy Allen, our wonderful Customer Support Engineer. Poppy’s easygoing nature and technical prowess make her the perfect person to solve customers’ problems. She’s the go-to expert for the technical enablement of Vault Platform customers.

Whether you’re encountering an issue that requires a technical solution, or you’re looking to get the most out of Vault’s Active Integrity Platform, you are more than likely to meet Poppy on your journey. Find out more about why she chose to work here and how her personal values align with Vault’s.

A People-Oriented Problem Solver

Poppy has spent over 10 years working in customer service roles with a specialized focus on technical problem-solving and support. She is focused on delivering user experiences and creating business value through technical enablement. 

“I was drawn to the tech world by its dynamic nature and the constant opportunities for learning. My inclination towards customer support is driven by a genuine desire to directly assist and engage with users, ensuring their success and satisfaction with products. I find joy in interacting with customers and serving as a subject matter expert for technical products.” 

As the Customer Support Engineer, Poppy’s responsibilities are key in enabling Vault’s goal of providing seamless, positive customer experience, and reinforcing the company’s values of customer-centricity and technical excellence. 


A New Challenge at Vault

Over the past decade Poppy has primarily maintained roles revolving around customer support, and since 2020 she’s expanded her expertise to include more technical capabilities. “I have an analytical mindset, I am passionate about software development and thrive on solving problems through technical solutions. Fortunately, my career path has allowed me to strike a harmonious balance between technology and customer service,” adds Poppy. 

Her typical day, beyond direct customer interactions, includes curation of both external and internal documentation for product enablement and process improvement. A key part of successfully executing her responsibilities is to share valuable customer feedback with relevant teams. This ensures that Vault takes a comprehensive approach to product and service enhancements. 


Empathy in a Tech-Driven Environment 

Fostering an environment where teams are encouraged to understand and be sensitive to the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others is no easy task. For Poppy, Vault’s commitment to excellence while maintaining an empathetic, supportive culture make it an exciting place of work. “I appreciate the collaborative and innovative environment. Everyone here works to share their knowledge with others, cares deeply about our customers and works hard to welcome every new Vaultie into the team,” she adds. “Our mission is to shape the way misconduct is handled within the workplace, focusing on empowering the reporter and employer to adopt a speak up culture.” 

“Balancing human connection with technical expertise involves active listening and effective communication. Understanding the customer’s perspective while leveraging technical knowledge allows for a more empathetic and efficient resolution of issues.” 

If you are keen to transition into a Customer Support Engineer position, Poppy advises that you remain curious, embrace continuous learning, and continue to develop your communication skills. “Building a solid foundation of technical knowledge while cultivating empathy for users is key to success in a technical support role.”