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The challenge

A global solution for a global team

As a global company, Kavak was looking for a reporting partner that would work for all of its front-line and corporate employees. This presented their Chief People Officer with a number of challenges, particularly when it came to complex reporting lines and multiple languages. Handily, Vault’s highly configurable automated triage and translation services in over 20 languages ensure everyone at Kavak feels empowered to Speak Up.

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The solution

The whole package

When looking for a Speak Up partner, Kavak wanted something that would work for all of its employees. That’s why Kavak went with Vault. On top of an easy-to-use interface, Vault offers translations in over 20 languages, ensuring that everyone feels empowered to Speak Up and share their experience and ideas.

With Vault, Kavak now brings its Code of Ethics to life for all employees, beginning with when they join the team. Employees experience a tangible ‘Rules of the Game’ onboarding session, where they simulate a variety of real experiences and discuss how these do – or do not – reflect Kavak’s ethics. They are introduced to Vault’s technology and shown how to use it, so they’re prepared when they hit the ground running. Reporters can choose to submit named or anonymous reports, or even submit with the pretext of finding safety in numbers, thanks to GoTogether™, which enables employees to surface a report under the condition they’re part of a pattern.

The outcome

A Speak-Up culture to be proud of

With Vault, Kavak is doing more than just talking about Speak Up culture; it’s actively building it.

Kavak wanted a reporting platform that its employees would actually use. Vault’s team guided the Kavak team through best practices and worked on a comprehensive roll-out plan to help boost adoption amongst their employees. They now have a safe, effective and, if they choose, anonymous channel to share ideas and concerns with leadership and to truly feel empowered.

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Vault Platform is proud to partner with KAVAK in the development of its world-class ethics and compliance function.

Corporate integrity is everyone’s business.

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