How OVO Energy build credibility and trust with their employees

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Build credibility and trust

OVO Energy is the UK’s largest independent energy supplier. Against the backdrop of a complex regulatory landscape, OVO knows the importance of identifying risks before they snowball. The key to doing that internally is building trust with their employees by facilitating reporting and demonstrating that their concerns are being heard.

The search for a trusted solution

OVO needed to implement a misconduct reporting solution that was independent, easy to use, and could handle complaints anonymously. Will Randle, the company’s Director of Risk & Compliance, explained that this was an important step in establishing credibility with all of OVO’s stakeholders, from the Board to employees.

“Misconduct reporting and case management were the first areas of focus for OVO’s incoming non-executive directors. They valued independence, anonymity, and clarity around conflict of interest above all else.

“Vault Platform provides a framework on which we can build our own tailored solution. The ability to add manual reports, surface our Speaking Out policy, and use modern case management tools allows us to generate extremely granular insight into our ethics and compliance position. It’s really boosted our credibility and trust amongst employees.”

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Enabling ethics and compliance at scale

OVO use Vault to develop and run its ethics and compliance processes at scale, for a few key reasons:

  • Vault’s technology offers true anonymity for reporters because it sits independent from the company’s core infrastructure. OVO is building trust by putting reporters in direct contact with their case managers.
  • Vault’s Resolution Hub gives OVO  a central system of record for all misconduct reports and provides accurate visibility of incidents and associated metrics.
  • The Resolution Hub’s user-friendly interface allows case managers to investigate and resolve cases more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Corporate integrity is everyone’s business.

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