Customer story:
TI Fluid Systems

27,000 employees worldwide


Automotive fluid systems


Provide a way to Speak Up

Our culture is of critical importance and we want to give our people a solution where they feel safe to speak directly to us.”

– Kevin Withane, Group Ethics and Compliance Director

The challenge

Give employees a revolutionary way to Speak Up

TI Fluid Systems, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of automotive fluid systems technology, wanted to equip its employees with a revolutionary internal mobile app. With nearly 100 years of automotive fluid systems experience, TI Fluid Systems has manufacturing facilities in 107 locations across 28 countries serving all major global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The organization therefore required an innovative solution that could cater to a wide range of needs and languages.

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The solution

Preserve a progressive, ethical culture

Kevin Withane said: “TI Fluid System chose to partner with Vault Platform to help maintain a progressive, ethical culture using the Vault mobile app. It gives TI Fluid Systems employees access to a modern solution for driving out workplace misconduct, underlining the company’s commitment to building a progressive, ethical culture and ensuring its community is treated without judgment or bias.”

Should they choose to Speak Up, employees can submit the record to internal case managers, who are then able to communicate with them confidentially via the app. Employees can choose to identify themselves or remain anonymous and still communicate with a case manager.

One of #speakup’s most innovative features is GoTogether™, which only submits a case report in the event that two employees within the business identify the same individual in their reports. This ensures psychological safety and empowers employees to come forward without fear.

The outcome

Protecting what matters most

Hans Dieltjens, President and CEO of TI Fluid Systems, said: “As we continue to invest in our culture, we’ve made the strategic decision to protect our investments by empowering all employees to Speak Up in a safe and secure environment.”

Vault Platform is proud to partner with TI Fluid Systems in the development of its world-class ethics and compliance function.

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