We are changing work culture.
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Vault Platform is the next-generation solution for organizations and their people to record, report, and resolve misconduct at work.

Designed for humans. Built for the enterprise.

Safe, private and secure

Vault Platform adheres to the highest security standards, including ISO27001, to ensure peace of mind for stakeholders at every level of the organization. Our mission is to increase the levels of trust in the workplace, so that misconduct cases are not just reported and resolved more effectively but reduced significantly over time.

Read MoreOur safe, secure and completely confidential platform enables employees to submit reports with other affected colleagues (without having any access to their identities or data reported). Vault is going to be your company’s invaluable in-house asset because right now, reporting misconduct is outdated and in need of an evolution. Fortunately, our team have created the perfect solution which will silently and seamlessly integrate into your organization.

A personal Vault

Vault is a secure, safe, private zone which truly belongs to users. This is crucial because employees need to feel comfortable in order to create records of misconduct incidents, store evidence and build a timeline.

Vault is the individual’s private space where they can write reports in a safe and confidential way, until they feel ready to open up and share it with the relevant case manager, internally within their organization.

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Report and resolve

Muddled information and mixed up reports are a thing of the past thanks to Vault’s innovative case management system. The platform gathers and gives structure to the data allowing it to easily and effectively be read, understood and managed.

In addition to time-stamping, which improves the credibility of reports, the GoTogether™ feature of the platform empowers affected employees to add weight to the evidence by reporting on the same individual or incident at the same time or over a longer period of time.

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Insight and action

Through analytics and reports, Vault delivers a detailed snapshot into your company’s health and presents a portrait of your work culture, enabling you to take a well-informed course of action.

The platform helps your organization to navigate towards an increase in trust, diversity and inclusivity which means in the long run, Vault will rarely be called upon.

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