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Go to work with comfort and confidence

  • Would you like to work for a company that cares about you?
  • Would you feel anxious or uncomfortable about submitting a misconduct report?
  • Would you feel more comfortable knowing you are not alone?

Safety, security and confidence

Vault not only empowers you to publish reports of incidents in your workplace in a confidential, secure manner, but it also enables you and your colleagues to GoTogether™ without fear of any detrimental social consequences.

A company which integrates a system like ours to keep its people protected is one which truly cares for its culture and its employees – does yours?

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Your personal Vault

Vault is your secure, safe, private zone. It is your own domain, lives on your mobile allowing you to speak up without fear of unfair retribution, create records of misconduct incidents, store evidence and build a credible timeline.

It is completely confidential (we even encourage you to sign up with your personal email address) and you don’t share it with your case manager until you feel ready to do so.

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You’re not alone

We understand how difficult it can be to report issues at work. The GoTogether™ feature allows you to only submit a report if another person inside the organisation has reported the same individual or incident.

With GoTogether™ you can be confident you’re not alone, add weight to the evidence and stop the misconduct. For Good.

Employee Misconduct

Insight and action

You should know that once you are ready to share your reports, they contribute towards not only bringing closure to your incident but the benefit of the entire work culture.

The leadership in your organization will be well-equipped to take action and make your workplace a happier, healthier and safer one so you can wake up proud to be an employee.

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