A Helping
Hand for HR

Is your current complaint procedure too long-winded and time-consuming Would you like to reduce the workload involved with misconduct reporting or be better prepared for potential misconduct problems?


Discover why Vault Platform is a helping hand for HR professionals.

Simple, quick and stress-free

Vault is simple to navigate and quick to acquire information about an incident. The permanent time-stamp technology grants you an accurate timeline of events so you can save time on investigation and get right to the conclusion of what’s occurred.

Vault will seamlessly do all the heavy lifting of misconduct management and reporting for you, so you can just focus on taking care of your people.

A Personal Vault

It is crucial that your employees feel comfortable enough to create records of misconduct incidents, store evidence, and build a timeline of events.

Vault’s safe, private platform makes your employees truly feel like it is their private domain until they’re ready to share it with their designated case manager.

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Report and resolve

Vault’s innovative case management system gathers and structures data coherently so you can quickly read, understand and manage the situation.

Additionally, the permanent time-stamping technology vastly improves the credibility of reports so you can instantly view an accurate timeline of events and make more informed decisions.

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Insight and action

Through analytics and reports, Vault presents you with a portrait of your work culture, enabling you to take better-informed courses of action.

The platform helps you navigate towards an increase in trust, diversity, and inclusivity which means in the long run, Vault will reduce your workload, allowing you to focus on taking care of your employees.

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