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  • Webinar

    Why culture is mission critical to compliance

    - by Vault Platform

    Join global compliance expert Thomas Fox and the London Stock Exchange’s Chief Risk Officer, Maxine Gee, to discuss the growing joint responsibility between Compliance, Legal, and HR for an ethical company culture.

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    opportunity in crisis

    Emerging risks in a post COVID-19 world

    - by Vault Platform

    External risks go beyond the fallout of the pandemic. The list includes not just economic risks, but also a wide spectrum of ESG risks (including societal, geopolitical, technological and environmental) which are not expressed using financial metrics – and yet have very concrete financial consequences.

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    Compliance is changing

    Compliance exceptions should not become the ‘new normal’

    - by James Middleton

    When the pandemic first hit businesses had to adapt to survive and as time goes on with no sign of a solution on the horizon many of those ‘quick fixes’ are still in place. But while it’s important for businesses and their respective functions to move with the circumstances, there is a clear requirement for Compliance functions to be aware of new or evolving risks those changes may have presented.

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    The Ethics Issue

    Vault Magazine: The Ethics Issue

    - by Vault Platform

    If you look at public sentiment, government and regulator action, and employee activism, it’s clear that doing the bare minimum required to comply with the law is no longer enough as companies are pushed by their employees, governments, and customers to step up and adopt a multi-stakeholder approach that serves social purposes as well as investor demands.

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    The role of compliance in speak up culture 

    - by Vault Platform

    One of the many things 2020 will be noted for is an increased focus on the intersection between the functions of compliance, legal, and HR – more specifically regarding the direction of a company’s culture and whether the company and its employees act with integrity. 

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    US DOJ focuses on effectiveness of misconduct reporting programs

    - by Neta Meidav

    On June 1, 2020, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) updated its guidelines for Federal prosecutors, encouraging them to evaluate the effectiveness of corporate misconduct reporting tools and whether they are working actively and effectively.