Vault Platform customers can now translate any report into one of the 75 languages we support to improve the efficiency of case resolution. This is one of many upcoming AI-powered features Vault is implementing to ensure you have all the tools you need to create a safe working environment for your employees and build a culture of Active Integrity. 

Why is this important?

Many Vault customers are multinational, multilingual organizations that often work in various languages. This new feature can instantly translate reports into a wide range of languages, allowing case managers to understand and work with reports in their preferred language, improving overall efficiency. This also eliminates the need for external translation support, thus protecting sensitive company and personal information. 

How does it work?

With dynamic translations, you’ll find a ‘translate’ option inside every reported event. All you have to do is click this and select the language you wish to translate to. You have 75 to choose from! 

Dynamic Translations is supported by AWS translate and AWS comprehend and leverages the power of AI to provide rapid and convenient translations.

Each time you translate, you’ll find an audit entry logged confirming the name of the reader and the translation language. In order to keep your data intact the translated reports are displayed on-screen and the original report details remain unchanged.

How do I get it?

Already a Vault Platform customer? Just reach out to our team here to find out more about this add-on. If you’re not yet using Vault, drop us a note here and we’ll have a team member get in touch.