London Stock Exchange Issuer Services in partnership with author, Clare Josa, invites you to the “Imposter Syndrome and the Gender Pay Gap” webinar in collaboration with our Marketplace members 87%, Toppan Merrill, and Vault Platform.

Recent research showed that Imposter Syndrome is one of three hidden causes of the gender and BAME pay gap, and lack of parity in leadership roles. But those who struggle with it work hard to hide it.

This fear of being “found out” as not good enough, even if you’re outwardly confident and successful, was found to affect around half of the UK workforce on a ‘daily’ or ‘regular’ basis – and that was in the past year alone. It causes people to subconsciously self-sabotage their success. It has a direct impact on productivity and performance, and it can turn a thriving team toxic in just a few weeks.

In this session, Clare Josa – considered the UK’s leading authority on Imposter Syndrome – will guide you through what you need to know from the research study, how you can spot Imposter Syndrome in your teams, and what you can do to support people to set themselves free from it, once and for all.

Her talk will be followed by an interactive panel discussion with expert speakers from 87%, Toppan Merrill & Vault Platform to share insights and perspectives on this important issue.

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