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Vault Platform today announced it has been chosen by Minute Media, a global publishing platform that owns and operates five media brands, to support and sustain the organization’s culture through its next phase of expansion and beyond. Headquartered in New York City with offices in London, Tel Aviv, Sao Paolo, Singapore, Tokyo, and Manila, Minute Media employs more than two hundred people worldwide.

As a global company, with employees across 12 cities in four continents, culture and openness are two of Minute Media’s five brand values. With a diverse and growing team, the organization is keen to ensure everybody feels connected, encouraging open dialogue and transparency across all levels.

A psychological and physically safe workplace is critical, and Minute Media, like many modern companies committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs, is leveraging ‘TrustTech’ such as Vault to prevent workplace discrimination. Forms of inequality can include explicit or unconscious bias and harassment; with those most frequently impacted being underrepresented workers including women, LGBT, and those with disabilities. By inspiring a culture of trust and diversity, Vault reduces potential disruptive workplace behaviors, which can result in substantial legal costs as well as lower productivity and morale, and higher employee turnover.

Neta Meidav, co-founder and CEO of Vault Platform, said, “I’m pleased to welcome such a forward-thinking brand as Minute Media on board. Culture can make or break a business and for a company undergoing rapid international growth, like Minute Media is, supporting a culture of safety, transparency and accountability are critical to success.”

In June 2019, Minute Media raised $40 million in funding. Having created the sports industry’s leading digital publishing platform, the organization is experiencing triple-digit growth, with a global workforce across multiple regions.

Liat Shahar, Senior Vice President, HR, of Minute Media said, “We’re proud to have such a progressive culture at Minute Media and Vault is an essential part of the implementation of our zero-tolerance policy focused on workplace misconduct. Our aim is to create psychological and physical safety, and send a message to all current and future employees about the kind of positive work environment we have built and plan to maintain.”

About Minute Media

Minute Media is a leading media and technology brand focused on two main pillars—platform and content. Minute Media’s platform serves as the company’s foundation, powering its content as well as enabling the evolution of other market-leading digital media brands. To date, Minute Media’s owned and operated destinations include 90min12upDBLTAPMental Floss, and The Big Lead—all of which write their content from a relatable friend’s point-of-view.

About Vault Platform

Founded in 2018 by Neta Meidav and Rotem Hayoun-Meidav, Vault is rapidly defining a new category of HR technology known as “TrustTech.” Designed to support a culture of trust and safety the Vault app creates a secure and confidential space for employees to create records of misconduct they experience or witness. With an employee app, corporate case management hub, and data and analytics insights, Vault’s solution is key to driving out harmful workplace behaviors from bias and harassment through to fraud and corruption. This mitigates significant financial, reputational, resource, and time-related risks for the organization.

Vault is advised by Harvard Business School workplace culture and trust expert, Professor Frances Frei and industry analyst Josh Bersin. The company is backed by Kindred Capital, Angular Ventures, System.One, Jane VC and private investors.