Innovative misconduct reporting platform opened up to customers, supply chain partners, and members of the public

Vault Platform today extended the reach of its innovative Speak Up platform enabling independent third parties to report incidents of misconduct to an organization’s relevant stakeholders. This opens the power of the platform up to customers, supply chain partners, contractors, and members of the public alongside full-time and temporary employees. 

Companies have long faced serious legal consequences for misconduct affecting vendors, suppliers, business partners, and other third parties within the business ecosystem. These entities now have the ability to submit incident reports either anonymously or in-name using Vault Open Reporting, ensuring an organization has the complete picture when it comes to ethics, compliance, and integrity. 

Vault Open Reporting, which is easily accessible via any web browser, is the latest addition to Vault’s cutting-edge Speak Up platform, comprising: 

  • The Vault mobile app – a highly accessible safe space for employees to report all forms of misconduct anonymously, in-name, or as part of a wider group of colleagues. 
  • The Resolution Hub – an innovative case management system that enables internal investigators to respond to cases and resolve them quickly and efficiently.
  • Data & Analytics – a comprehensive Board-ready insights dashboard delivering a detailed snapshot of your company’s cultural and ethical health. 

“Unreported misconduct within a company’s wider ecosystem can cost companies a fortune,” said Neta Meidav, CEO and co-founder of Vault Platform

“It’s not just fraud and bribery in the supply chain that is the main risk here. As ethical behavior continues to be the top concern for companies around the world, stakeholders really need to be aware of incidents of discrimination, racism, and harassment that might be affecting their business. Ethical companies are relying on internal as well as external sources to address any issues which put their integrity at risk,” Meidav said.  

While the Vault App is today’s most cutting-edge employee incident reporting channel, Vault Open Reporting means that ethical breaches and misconduct can now be reported by other important stakeholders ensuring organizations have complete visibility for ethics reporting and whistleblowing compliance

Vault Open Reporting is available today as a free component for existing and new customers.

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