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Ensuring public companies can maintain a culture of ethics and integrity

London, July 7th, 2020 – Vault Platform is proud to join the London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Services Marketplace, a curated directory of corporate services to improve business for public companies.

In joining the digital hub for London Stock Exchange issuers, Vault Platform is positioned alongside other innovative providers giving issuers access to a wide range of recommended solutions dedicated to serving the individual needs of industry-leading enterprises.

Vault Platform’s next-generation misconduct reporting and resolution platform helps public companies build and maintain a culture of ethics and integrity, with a product portfolio comprising:   

  • The Vault mobile app – a highly accessible safe space for employees to report all forms of misconduct anonymously, in-name, or as part of a wider group of colleagues. 
  • Vault Open Reporting – an incident reporting interface accessible to third parties, such as customers, and suppliers, as well as the general public via a web browser.
  • The Resolution Hub – an innovative case management system that enables internal investigators to respond to cases and resolve them quickly and efficiently.
  • Data & Analytics – a comprehensive Board-ready insights dashboard delivering a detailed snapshot of your company’s cultural and ethical health. 

Vault Platform can help companies comply with Provision 6 of the Financial Reporting Council’s UK Corporate Governance Code, which is applicable to all issuers of the LSE.

The provision states: “There should be a means for the workforce to raise concerns in confidence and – if they wish – anonymously. The board should routinely review this and the reports arising from its operation. It should ensure that arrangements are in place for the proportionate and independent investigation of such matters and for follow-up action.”

With public companies also facing increasing legislation around incident reporting, including the EHRC’s guidance on sexual harassment in the workplace and the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, Vault Platform’s innovative technology ensures organisations can meet all needs for incident capture and follow up, protecting anonymity while achieving meaningful resolution. 

“The UK’s Corporate Governance Code is designed to promote the importance of establishing a corporate culture that is aligned with the company’s purpose and business strategy as well as promoting integrity, and the value of diversity,” said Neta Meidav, CEO and co-founder of Vault Platform. “We are proud to join an outstanding set of Marketplace members that have been curated to help public companies find the ideal solution to match their needs and ensure an ethical and diverse workplace.”

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