Vault Platform has added a COVID-19 reporting feature to its enterprise mobile app. This helps HR teams managing the crisis stay on top of the numbers by enabling employees to report directly via the app when showing symptoms or testing for COVID-19.

The workplace misconduct reporting app has pulled all hands on deck to roll out the deployment in record time, adjusting its solution to help companies better handle this unique challenge.

Vault Platform helps businesses establish a trusted line of communication with employees, allowing people to use the direct messaging feature to raise concerns or questions, anonymously or in name.

Businesses can also keep their people up to date with the latest company policies regarding COVID-19 directly via the app, helping preserve and protect workplace culture as many move to a work-from-home model.

The solution also ensures that people can report COVID-19-related discrimination quickly and easily – an unforeseen yet growing concern.

“The Coronavirus pandemic is resulting in an increased level of discrimination, bullying, and harassment in the workplace. This is not just race-related but also extends to those that have tested positive for the virus as well as those with symptoms of sickness,” said Vault Platform co-founder and CEO Neta Meidav.

“HR teams are on the front line and we know how challenging it is to triage employee queries effectively during this crisis. We’ve actually had an increase in companies asking if we can help them address this specific challenge.”

Existing Vault Platform customers can take advantage of the new COVID-19 reporting feature immediately, while new customers could have the system up and running within days. The COVID-19 reporting feature is being offered free as part of Vault Platform.

Visit the COVID-19 Resource Hub or contact us for more info about the reporting feature

About Vault Platform

Vault Platform is pioneering “TrustTech,” a new category of workplace technology solving a major problem for enterprise compliance, risk, and HR. Designed to enable a culture where it is safe to Speak Up, the Vault app creates a confidential space for employees to submit records of misconduct they experience or witness.

With an enterprise-grade case management hub and insights dashboard, Vault Platform is key to driving out harmful workplace behaviors from discrimination and harassment through fraud and corruption. This mitigates significant financial, reputational, and resource risks for any organization.

Vault is advised by Harvard Business School culture and trust expert, Professor Frances Frei and industry analyst Josh Bersin. The company is backed by Kindred Capital, Angular Ventures, System.One, Jane VC and private investors. To learn more, you can read about Vault Platform.